Terms of Participation

The general terms and conditions define the responsibilities, obligations and rights as well as the procedures for their exercise, between the contracting parties, is the Office and the Clients. For this reason, please study them carefully.



The Provision of services according to the program is as follows. The Office plans, regulates and coordinates the services mentioned in the program that has been published or in the program that has been agreed with the Clients, for a price (price). This price is based on the services described, the exchange rate of foreign currencies with the euro and the prices of fares, taxes and fees applicable during the design and costing process. The Office reserves the right to fluctuate the prices included in the program in case of changes in transportation costs, fuel and exchange rate changes.



  1. If the Office tries to strictly adhere to its services by planning every detail from much earlier, there is the possibility of its modification due to the use of third parties as suppliers over which it has no direct control such as airlines and shipping companies, hotels, transport and other tourism companies, which may not meet their obligations. Due to their purely mediating role, the responsibilities of the Office are identified only in cases of omissions and organizational weaknesses. Despite this clear mediating role, the Office makes every effort to meet the expectations of its clients, but can not be held responsible for anomalies that it can not predict or control such as: a) For any changes or modifications that occur before and during the various stages of the journey coming from the services of airlines and transport companies and agencies (delays, cancellations, aircraft type changes, excessive bookings, lost luggage, etc.) b) Accidents, diseases or unpleasant organic effects from climatic conditions, inability to adapt to different time zones, altitude, epidemics, food poisoning or inadequate cleaning conditions, c) Changes in any service or program as a whole, due to “force majeure” (war or threat of war, natural disasters, terrorist acts, strikes, political unrest, etc.) d) Damage, loss or theft of luggage, personal belongings, money or travel documents and any consequence of a criminal or other criminal act.
  2. B) Before the execution of the services, the Office reserves the right to modify the benefits and to adjust its price. In this case the traveler can cancel his participation and be refunded the money he had paid in advance without any further claim. During the execution of the excursion, its leader reserves the right to modify part or all of it, if he deems that this is in the interest of the excursionists and serves the best execution of the general program. All special expenses (extra nights, food, transportation, etc.) resulting from the modification of part or all of the program due to exceptional events or events of force majeure beyond the control of the Office shall be borne exclusively by the excursionists. The Office reserves the right to change the hotel mentioned in the program with another of the same category.



The Office has the right to cancel the trip due to low participation no later than one day before departure. The trip can be canceled for reasons of force majeure or for reasons deemed appropriate by the Office. In these cases it offers another excursion of the same price and quality. If the customer does not accept then the amount paid is refunded. No other requirements are recognized or accepted.



Each excursionist is responsible for the validity, security and safekeeping of all travel documents necessary for participation in the excursion (passport, visas, certificates, permits, visas, etc.). In case the Office is entrusted with the provision of the necessary documents, the Office is not responsible in case of delay or inability to issue them. Excursions are required to submit honest and genuine statements to the competent authorities before and during the trip. In the event that the authorities do not allow an exit or entry to an excursionist either due to non-submission of an honest statement or due to prohibitions or restrictions imposed on his person, then the customer is not entitled to a refund of any money paid to the Office. The main obligation of the excursionists is the timely arrival at the places and times specified in the program, in case of delay of the excursionist and his untimely arrival at the designated place or time for the execution of the program (such as tours, transfers, flights, meals) the leader has the right to leave, with the result that the hiker misses the event without being entitled to any compensation or refund. In this case the hiker must reconnect with the group at his own expense.



In order to be valid, any participation must be accompanied by the payment of a deposit equal to 40% of the value of the trip. The application is made by the participant or the representative of the participants (group excursions of institutions, clubs, individuals, etc.). Telephone or other reservations that are not validated with the payment of the corresponding deposit are not valid and do not bind the Office. A declaration of participation can also be made in third offices cooperating with the Office (which operates as “sellers”) and which are obliged to issue the relevant documents thus contracted to the Customer, provided again the payment of the corresponding advance payment. . The payment of the remaining price of the value of the trip must have been made in the period between the day of deposit and up to seven (7) days before the date of departure. Otherwise, the Office is not bound and the Customer’s participation in the trip is not considered valid, while the given deposit is forfeited in favor of the Office as its compensation. After the payment of the value of the trip and the issuance and receipt of the relevant documents, there is the contractual commitment of the contractors, office and Customer. By submitting the entry form, either electronically to the Office by the interested party or his / her representative or by bank transfer, or through another travel agency, the participants automatically accept all the terms of participation listed here.



If the participating Customer or the representative of the Customer group or any participant decides to cancel his / her participation he / she must state this in writing. Cancellation is valid from the day of receipt of the notification document. In this case the Client who cancels his participation is charged with the following amounts depending on the time interval from the receipt of the cancellation document until the date of departure, as the Office to provide the necessary services for the execution of his work prepaid significant amounts to third parties.



The Office has planned and wishes the full, according to the program, the provision of the services that have been agreed with the Clients. In case of problems during the trip the customer has the right to express his complaints in writing within seven (7) days from the date of return. Claims for bodily harm resulting from the non-execution or improper execution of the benefits of the organized trip, are limited in accordance with the provisions of the international conventions on liability, which bind Greece and govern these benefits.

  1. Shipping: Berne Convention 1974.
  2. Road Transport: EU Legislation.
  3. Hotel accommodation: Paris Convention 1962. With regard to other damages (other than bodily harm) resulting from the non-performance or improper performance of the benefits of the organized trip, the compensation is limited to the return of the value of the benefit not provided. Competent courts for any legal claim of claims are determined by the Greek Courts.

Organization: ARRIVA TRAVEL